Building communities stronger

Veit National is a growing specialty contractor providing pipe rehabilitation and demolition services to help build communities stronger. Our work sets the stage for progress by strengthening our infrastructure and clearing the way for development in our region.

We’re here to build lasting relationships by helping to solve our client’s biggest challenges, whether they are repairing something old or making way for something new. We’re committed to delivering quality work and creating a customer experience that is unmatched in our industry.

Our Mission

We believe quality infrastructure is foundational for building stronger communities and creating opportunities for progress.

The values we live by at Veit National

Veit National is guided by five core values that inform all our decisions as a company, from how we operate in the field to the way we do business. They remind us who we are and keep our teams moving forward together.

Why choose Veit National

The decision to work with Veit National guarantees a high-quality experience upheld by our specific processes and standards that set us apart from other pipe rehabilitation and demolition contractors.

Value Engineering

We approach every project from our client’s standpoint to gain a full understanding of their needs. This allows us to engineer more reliable systems, optimize processes, and hit deadlines all while keeping safety at the forefront.

95-Year Legacy

We draw upon Veit’s 95-year legacy and culture to uphold the high standards of quality set by our parent company. We guarantee an experience consistent with one of the leading names in our industry.

Depth of Resources

Veit National is supported by a depth of resources in equipment, tools, personnel, and knowledge that allows our team to effectively meet our clients’ needs, regardless of scope or scale.

Industry Experience

Our teams are formed by experts in the heavy civil construction industry who bring decades of combined experience to every project they’re involved with.
Excavator destroying a metal piece

Our leadership team

Mark Sonaglia, COO
Mark Sonaglia
Chief Operating Officer
Tim Bixler, President
Tim Bixler
Chester Grace
Chester Grace
Sr. Project Manager - Demolition

What our clients say about Veit National

All aspects of this project were successfully executed by Veit National’s field and project management staff. All work was performed in a timely manner and within the contractual time frame. Veit National quickly adjusted to changes made by the city of Tampa to remove some segments of pipelining and add others. They were receptive and accommodating to all field changes or requests. They also pointed out to my inspector that a previously installed CIPP liner had failed, which we were able to have repaired under warranty by the previous contractor. I would be happy to work with and recommend Veit National on future projects.

Gavin Williams
City of Tampa

Deliberately safe to protect our people

The safety of our team members, neighbors, and the communities we serve is the first priority on every Veit National project. To protect them, we implement a proven safety strategy based on training, technology, and empowerment.

Starting day one of employment with our company, every member of Veit National is fully trained in general and specific safety protocols. We provide them with advanced protection tools and the authority to stop work at the first sign of risk, regardless of their position. On every project, the safety of our people and the communities they serve, stands as the ultimate measurement of our success.

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