A company rooted
in people

At Veit National, we’re in the construction business but our number one priority is our people. Without them, nothing would be possible. As a result we invest tremendously in retaining, training, and supporting those who choose to build their careers at Veit National.

Our people-focused approach has created an environment where our employees can grow and succeed at every stage of their careers.

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A culture built on opportunity

Our work at Veit National creates opportunities in all sorts of ways, starting with the opportunity to build your career.

  • A welcoming atmosphere makes coming into work feel like spending time with family.
  • Specialized services help you train and develop specific skills needed to become an expert in your field.
  • Ongoing training provides opportunities to expand your expertise and advance within our company.
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Benefits designed for your protection

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Protecting our employees starts with covering fundamental needs like healthcare insurance, retirement savings, and reimbursement programs. We offer comprehensive benefits that go beyond the industry standard, enabling them to live healthy, productive lives. In addition to our employees, many of our benefits cover their family members as well.

What our employees say about Veit National

Veit National has strived to provide a job site where safety and quality are of the utmost concern. The accessibility of leadership and support services ensures that all concerns and questions are taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Chris Miner

I have been in this industry for over 15 years and have worked for companies large and small but never have I been treated like family as much as I have here at Veit National! I have finally found my home! I will retire a Veit National man!

Michael Byrd

Who’s a good fit

While Veit National employees come from diverse backgrounds, educations, and experiences, they share a few common traits that contribute to their success.


Our team members aren’t content to simply wait around to be told what to do. Instead, they’re motivated to take action and move the project forward. We empower our people to act on their initiative.


We’re confident in our abilities as a team, but as individuals we remain humble and avoid boasting. Everybody makes mistakes eventually, and when they do we have the humility to learn hard lessons and continue to improve.


It might be old fashioned, but at Veit National we consider hard work to be timeless. From field to office, working out on the road or close to home, our people share a belief in working hard to achieve our goals together.

Team Player

No single person is ever responsible for the success of a project. In fact, our work depends on the collective effort of all our team members. Our people all share a belief that we only win when we win together.
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