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Veit National is a customer-focused, people-driven team of experts in pipe rehabilitation and demolition services. We’re committed to building long-term partnerships by adding value to our clients’ projects and providing comprehensive solutions to their greatest challenges.

Whether you’re repairing something old or making way for something new, we’re here to help.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Fixed utilities without all the disruption

Our pipe rehabilitation services are a simple, affordable, and innovative alternative to traditional utility restoration, providing quick solutions without trench excavation.

Trenchless Excavation

Our innovative approach allows us to restore underground utilities without digging them up from the surface with heavy machinery.

Speed of Delivery

Without the hassle of traditional excavation, we’re able to get in and get out quickly to complete projects at a fraction of the normal schedule.

Improved Safety

Our trenchless excavation method is overall more safe, not only for Veit National employees, but for the general public as well.

Reduced Traffic Impact

CIPP cuts down tremendously on road closure by reducing the overall work area and project time, so traffic is able to continue moving.
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Demolition Services

We break everything but our word

Veit National offers full-service demolition capabilities performed with exacting precision and safety.

Comprehensive Approach

We approach projects by gaining a full understanding of the owners’ goals and objectives, beyond the scope of our work. We then create comprehensive strategies for demolition services that set our clients up for success.

Engineered Value

In our planning process, we identify innovative solutions to engineer value for our clients by reducing costs and expediting work schedule. This helps ensure overall project success for ourselves and our partners—a win-win!

Specialized Equipment

Our demolition teams are equipped with highly specialized heavy machinery and tools to perform our work safely and efficiently. Our equipment fleet consists of state-of-the-art machines operated and maintained with pride.

Experienced Personnel

Our demolition team at Veit National is made up of industry experts with decades of combined experience in heavy demolition. They bring their knowledge and experience to the table of every project they’re involved with.
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What our clients say about Veit National

All aspects of this project were successfully executed by Veit National’s field and project management staff. All work was performed in a timely manner and within the contractual time frame. Veit National quickly adjusted to changes made by the city of Tampa to remove some segments of pipelining and add others. They were receptive and accommodating to all field changes or requests. They also pointed out to my inspector that a previously installed CIPP liner had failed, which we were able to have repaired under warranty by the previous contractor. I would be happy to work with and recommend Veit National on future projects.

Gavin Williams
City of Tampa

What sets our company apart

Veit National is set apart from our competitors by the quality of our operations and the commitment, shared by each and every member of our team, to provide outstanding customer service to our partners.

Grow your career while building your community

As one of the fastest-growing contractors in the Southern United States, Veit National offers premium pay to hard-working talent looking to grow their careers. Opportunities exist at every level of our company, from laborer to management.

We’re backed by one of the country’s largest contracting firms. As an employee at Veit National, you’ll enjoy rapid advancement opportunities supported by the equipment and training resources of our parent company. And with operations throughout the Southern United States, you’ll enjoy reliable hours and working close to home.

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